The "Common Sense" of Cryptocurrency

by Robin Bloor

This book investigates and discusses all major aspects of cryptocurrency—first describing what a currency is, and then proceeding to explore every aspect of this new monetary phenomenon. Will cryptocurrencies replace existing national currencies? The author explains in easy to understand words why this cannot happen (at least not completely)   For those who find cryptocurrencies bewildering and difficult to understand, this is a must-read.

The Algebra of Data

There has never been a universal algebra of data. This changed when mathematical research into data algebra matured and was tested in an extensive range of data management, data integration, and performance optimization contexts. The purpose of this book is to explain that data algebra.

The book is undeniably and unashamedly a mathematics text. However, realizing that the readership would likely include many software developers and users as well as mathematicians, the book is written to be as accessible as possible to anyone with some mathematical skills. As such, this is not your grandfather’s mathematics text. Between the various set theory assertions, expressions, and equations flows a narrative that is both surprising and entertaining.

Words You Dont Know


This book about words is written to amuse. Even if you have a fairly extensive English vocabulary, it’s unlikely that you will have met many, if any of the words it reveals. It comprises humorous essays involving: rare words, swear words, wrong words, long words,
curse words, terse words, legal words, regal words, tech words, sex words, eponyms, and retronyms
. It worth reading or giving to someone who likes words.